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This page is meant for "non-german" customers who have trouble with the Shopping Cart and checkout process.

My aim here is to help you  with the most common questions.

Below is an image that should explain at least the most basic questions that could arise when viewing the Shopping Cart.

I also want to address something important:

Why is the Price in EURO, I've picked USD on the top bar?

The Currency picker on the main page is just a help for foreign customers to have a realtime calculated estimate about the net cost of their order.
Unfortunately this currency picker does not work in the shopping cart section and omits the shipping cost!
Another unfortunate event is that the correct shipping cost to your country will be higher in the checkout process when you pick your country as we ship from Germany.

Checkout with Credit Card or PayPal leads you to an international page and you will be able to pay in your currency or it will be converted in that process.
If you opted for PayPal and have picked USD in the top bar for example, it should lead you to the U.S. site of for payment.

If you have still any questions, don't hesitate to email me at: fantasio[at]outlook.[de]