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"Who has painted all these?"

On fairs and conventions I get often asked who the creator of all these paintings is; My answer then is the following:"I am the cause*".

*In german, "cause" means "Verursacher", which I prefer instead of artist. The term is not as burdened with prejudice as "artist".
The idea and the concept is the most important aspect in my work.

When it comes to the execution, I often use existing imagery to inspire my ways. I collaborate - if required - with models, photographers and other artists.

The personal works are hence most often homage and tributes that I like to combine with popular culture to create something new.

Frequently asked questions (Part I)

Q: How long does an artwork take?
A: This is totally different for each style. the pinup paintings are between 15 and 30 hours while the landscape works start around 60 hours and more. 
F: How long do you do this?
A: Honestly since I can think. My favorite answer is that I never actually stopped;)
Art accompanies my whole life since I'm a child and I wanted to do nothing else ever. I bet that gave me an edge to someday go professional and make a living from my art.
F: Do you do commissions?
Not right now. I have some patrons for whom I do some commercial illustration work occasionally. I don't accept private commissions for the time being. 
F: Where do you pull inspiration from?
A: I draw inspiration from everywhere. A bit like David Bowie I pull what I think is interesting and combine it with something else that catches my attention to create something personal and truly unique. 
Why the name "Ars Fantasio"
Ars Fantasio is kind of an "coinage", or rather a made-up name and does mean the following:
Ars = Craftmanship (Latin) and Fantasio = Fantasi or Fantasiar (Norwegian) for Fantasy / Imagination.
Craftmanship and Imagination are to 100% what makes my work. Hence the name.
The "Verursacher" is
- Photoshop evangelist
- creative solution oriented
- morning person
- likes to sit up long
- Part time lecturer
- Blogger
likes Anime, coffee and cats.
The best Ideas come to me on Conventions, or by erxercising

Frequently asked questions (Part II)

Do you print the works yourself or do you order them online?
I tried a lot with online services and even local printers do not live up to my expectations. That is why I print my canvas works all by myself.

The advantages are at hand; I can better react to individual orders,I have better control over the colors and no extra delivery times.

On the downside I have no huge stock such as a retailer and I also can not dump the prices like they do.
How are your works created, on a Computer?

Yes they are.
I have a traditional background and studied airbrush design. My favorite medium is still graphite. Through my daily work as illustrator and clients who only need a printable file, my workflow has changed over the years to completely digital.

I work with a Mac Studio, M1 Ultra with 20 CPU-cores, 48 GPU-cores and 2TG SSD.
The Tablet I use is an XP-Pen 24" Pro.
Is it possible to have images framed by you?
Right now, I only offer a small number of framed works since I have high standards in that regard.

I also offer framed canvas to german buyers for the time being, mostly because of shipping and insurance reasons.

If you want a framed work you should reach out to me via email to find a solution especially for shipping. Mail me at
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